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(cancelled) LCN2 Seminar: Network theory and dynamical systems models in psychopathology research

vrijdag 27 maart 2020
Gorlaeus Gebouw
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Science club

39th LCN2 seminar

Speaker: Eiko Fried

Title: Network theory and dynamical systems models in psychopathology research

A growing chorus of voices—including the DSM-5 task force and the NIMH—has raised concerns about the validity and reliability of mental disorders. Efforts to develop biological tests have largely failed, and few would argue that the field has made considerable advances in the treatment of patients with the most common disorders in the last 3 decades. In this talk, I discuss the network approach to psychopathology, an emerging field that has received considerable attention in the literature over the last decade. I introduce both theoretical and statistical network models, and discuss how understanding and modeling psychopathology as dynamic interactions of problems can offer ways forward.

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