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Enforced performance of commercial sales contracts in the Netherlands, Singapore and China

donderdag 23 januari 2020
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


When commercial parties conclude a contract for the
sale of goods, their main objective is to exchange the
subject goods for the agreed purchase price. The civil
law and common law traditions have adopted the notion
that these contractual promises are binding and each has
put in place specific instruments to protect the interests
of both parties. However, while the civil law tradition
protects the interest in actual performance of the
assumed obligations with a right to enforced performance,
the common law tradition perceives the availability of
enforced performance as a rarity. My research explores the
Dutch, Singapore and Chinese viewpoints on this issue
by analysing the extent to which respective contract
law principles balance out the interests of parties to a
commercial sales contract in their principles surrounding
the enforceability of performance obligations, and also
how domestic solutions correlate to the approaches taken
by global and regional sales and contract law instruments.
The main focus of this undertaking is to address the
fundamental differences in approach to safeguarding the
buyer’s performance interest in obtaining the very thing
it bargained for, and the seller’s interests in protection
against unjustifiable consequences of awarding a claim for
enforced performance.


  • Prof.mr.dr. H.B. Krans
  • Prof.mr.dr. M.H. Wissink (RU Groningen)


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