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Neurodramaturgy of Physiology-based Interaction in Neurotheatre and Neurocinema

zaterdag 14 december 2019
V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media
Eendrachtstraat 10
3012XL Rotterdam

Public lecture

Op uitnodiging van het Media Technology MSc programma geeft Aleksander Väljamäe, Associate Professor in physiological computing, onderdeel van de Human Computer Interaction groep van Tallinn University (Estland) een lezing met de titel Neurodramaturgy of Physiology-based Interaction in Neurotheatre and Neurocinema. De lezing is in het Engels.


The lecture focuses on neurocinema, neurotheatre and interactive installations that use human physiological data. It includes Väljamäe's work on the neurotheatre performance Demultiplexia, and reflects upon the neurocinematic performance DataWe developed for Resonances III Festival 2019 at the Joint Research Center, European Commission. Demultiplexia premiered at Bozar Electronic Arts Festival in Brussels, BEAF 2017. The performance invited spectators to participate in a unique experience of non-verbal communication led by future cyber-enhanced humans. This neurotheatre performance embraced a number of emerging research topics such as neurocinematics, neurochoreography and collective Brain-Computer Interfaces. The recent work DataWe addresses the topics of visual violence, disinformation, neurosecurity and behavioral policy in an interactive narrative that involves the audience into media manipulation.


Aleksander Väljamäe received his PhD in at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, in 2007 and is currently an associate professor in physiological computing at School of Digital Technologies at Tallinn University, Estonia. His current psychophysiology research concerns how audiovisual media influence humans on perceptual, cognitive and emotional levels, with particular stress on health/well-being and new applications (Brain-Computer Interfaces, neurocinema, neurotheatre). He actively participates in art and science projects, e.g., his technical directing of the “Multimodal Brain Orchestra” performance in 2009, Prague or directing neurotheatre performance "Demultiplexia" in 2017, Brussels. His latest neurocinema show is called DataWe produced for the Joint Research Center of European Commission.


Deze lezing vindt plaats parallel aan de Statement to Experience project exhibition van het Media Technology MSc programmaStudenten hebben wetenschappelijke stellingen rondom het thema CERTAINTY onderzocht en vertaald naar interactieve installaties. 

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