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Joan van der Waals colloquium

donderdag 12 december 2019
Einsteinweg 57
2333 CC Leiden

Single-molecule chemistry: nanocatalysts and bacterial efflux

This presentation will describe our efforts in using single-molecule imaging approaches to study fundamental chemical processes, focusing on two topics. The first topic will be about our single-molecule fluorescence imaging work on the catalytic properties of individual nanoparticles at single-turnover resolution and nanometer precision. I will describe the insights we gained into the catalytic activity and dynamics of individual metal nanoparticles, and the surprising spatial and temporal activity patterns and dynamics within single nanocatalysts. The second topic will be about our work in understanding and manipulating toxin efflux in Gram-negative bacteria. I will describe how a metal efflux pump in E. coli undergoes metal-responsive dynamic assembly in the cell for effective efflux without compromising the periplasmic plasticity, and how we can mechanically manipulate individual cells to alter its assembly in the cell and consequently the bacteria's ability to extrude toxins.

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