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Joan van der Waals colloquium

vrijdag 18 oktober 2019
Drinks afterwards.
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
De Sitterzaal

Imaging at the speed of light

Single-photon detector array technologies have advanced significantly in recent years.   Cameras now exist that are not only sensitive to single photons but the individual pixels in the sensor provide photon time-of-arrival information the picosecond regime.   Such unprecedented sensitivity and temporal resolution opens up a number of exiting new applications, such as light-in-flight imaging, looking around corners with laser echoes, seeing through dense scattering media, and ultra-fast three-dimensional imaging.    I will discuss the recent developments of the camera technology and discuss our latest results.  I will give details of our latest field trials, where we have been using single-photon detector array sensors to see through fog and smoke.  I will also highlight my group’s activities in applied and fundamental quantum science, specifically focussing on quantum meteorology and high-dimensional quantum entanglement.

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