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Commons People: Managing Music and Culture in Contemporary Yogyakarta

dinsdag 21 mei 2019
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


This research is about musicians, visual artists, music collectors, fans, curators, and cultural activists, participating in the popular discourse of music through relevant music activities. They are the figures of the scene, who were raised by local alternative milieu—self organising, collectivism, and institutionalisation of cultural production. Such milieu shapes the production of tools and ways of organising a series of action on managing music, culture, and life.They are ready for taking alternative approaches to control the cycle of cultural production and to consciously frame the musical activities within the wider social context. I choose points of musicking, which embody the dynamic relation to music. I study the development of the Internet-based record label union, event organizing, cassette collection, cassette repair, initiative to save a historical record company, and establishment of a record company. I pay attention to various dimensions of musicking that might be taken for non-music dimensions. I study about friendship, kindness, friction, and informal supports. I present commons as a framework to think about music.Music as a commons emerges as a horizon of possibilities, or a means, to be managed and maintained for different purposes.I propose sustainability as a shared imagination of what doing music means.The articulation of such imagination informs the structure of the dissertation. It articulates the questions brought about by managing commons; they are the questions about a sense of security, sustainability, and documentation. It provides insights into what aspects that the people need to work on when they think about music.


  • Prof.dr. P. Spyer


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