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ISGA Movie Night: The Fog of War

woensdag 27 februari 2019
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA Den Haag
Auditorium, A0.06


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About the movie

The film is a 2003 American documentary film about the life and times of former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara illustrating his observations of the nature of modern warfare. The film discusses his birth during the First World War remembering the time American troops returned from Europe to work as a World War II military officer, to be the Ford Motor Company's president, to serving as Secretary of Defense for presidents Kennedy and Johnson (including his involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War).  The title derives from the military concept of the "fog of war" depicting the difficulty of making decisions in the midst of conflict.  The director of the film Errol Morris has won an Oscar, a MacArthur “Genius” award, and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

This film is highly recommended viewing for anyone interested in the topics of international relations and peace and conflict.  The recommendations made by an experienced policy practitioner about past wars still resonate in today’s turbulent world.

Dr.Eamon Aloyo will provide a short introduction to the film and there will be time for a Q & A session after the film for those interested in doing so.

About ISGA Movie Night

The Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) hosts a movie night once a month for staff and students. The films shown are selected by staff and are broadly focused on areas of interest to the Institute: security, international relations, intelligence and foreign policy.

ISGA movie night is designed to help bring to life key historical moments, and help build broader awareness of foreign affairs and political issues, both past and present.

Each movie will be introduced by the staff member who chose it to help place the film in context for the audience.

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