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Roundtable on Teaching Global IR

woensdag 6 februari 2019
P.J. Veth
Nonnensteeg 1-3
2311 VJ Leiden
PJ Veth 002

Does the discipline of International Relations truly reflect the global society we live in today?’, Amitav Acharya asked in 2014. His answer was negative. IR does not reflect most of the voices, experiences and knowledge of scholars outside the core countries of the West. To remedy the Western-centeredness of IR, Acharya suggests the notion of a ‘Global IR’, a broader, more pluralistic and inclusive International Relations. In the context of this roundtable, we will discuss Acharya’s ‘Global IR’, how to diversify teaching curricula and other initiatives as Humanities-based IR at Leiden University as answers to existing weaknesses of the mainstream International relation discipline such as: its quasi-exclusive focus on Western experiences, its overly theoretical nature and the wide gap between IR theory and political practice.

Chair: Prof. André Gerrits (International Studies)
Participants: Prof. Amitav Achrya, Dr Densua Mumford (LUC), Dr Vineet Thakur (International Studies), Dr Vanessa Newby (FGGA), Dr Nicolas Blarel (Politics)

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