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Maarten Lamers over Artificial Creativity

zondag 16 december 2018
Old School
Pieterskerkhof 4-A
2311 SR Leiden

Media Technology staff member Maarten Lamers holds a two-hour lecture on Artificial Creativity during the programme's Semester Project exhibition AUTO. Maarten Lamers’ academic career started with a focus on neural networks and their use in data analysis and image processing. Over the year his interests have expanded in the domains of bio-digital hybrid systems, scientific playfulness, artificial creativity and DIY science. In 2015, he was placed by national magazine Vrij Nederland on their first-ever list of "101 most interesting nerds" of The Netherlands.

Artificial Creativity

Ever since people have considered intelligent machines, they have also considered whether machines could be creative. In fact, questions surrounding artificial creativity are closely linked to those of artificial intelligence. Can we model creativity and could it be the result of computation? Would we want creative computers, and why? Are artificial intelligence and artificial creativity really different? This lecture takes a historical computer sciences view on artificial creativity.


The lecture has free admission, but registration is required. You can do so by sending an e-mail


Maarten Lamers' lecture happens in parallel to the Media Technology MSc Semester Project exhibition with the title AUTO in Old School. 

Lecture by Maarten Lamers

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