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Sociaal gedrag monitoren met ICT

maandag 25 juni 2018
Langegracht 70

Koffie om 9.30 uur

Maarten van Steen, TU Twente

WiFi tracking in practice - measuring the TT festival in Assen

“Although it seems as if we can easily follow people’s movements, correctly detecting devices can be particularly difficult, especially in outdoor environments”

Theo Bakker, Ilja Cornelisz & Chris van Klaveren, Vrije Universiteit:

Student Analytics / Amsterdam Center for Learning Analytics (ACLA)

“A Machine Learning Monitoring System to Make Early, Stable and Actionable Study Success Predictions”

Carolien Rieffe, Universiteit Leiden:

Children’s playground behaviors using sensor data; Inclusion or Exclusion?

“With sensor data we can measure how successful mainstream education is for different children socially”

Alexander Koutamanis, TU Delft:

Data, affordances and the built environment

“Our actions are constrained or stimulated by how the built environment has been designed, constructed, organized and maintained”


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Poster symposium op 25 juni

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