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Life Science Symposium: Immunotherapy – Enhancing the human defence system

donderdag 17 mei 2018
CORPUS Congress Centre
Willem Eithovenstraat 1
2342 BH Oegstgeest

At the 8th Life Science Symposium, researchers and scientists from all over the world will speak about their research towards immunotherapy. This day-long event will be held Thursday 17 May in Corpus Congress Centre, Oestgeest.

As the field in curing diseases is rapidly expanding, more therapies are being developed. A large part of these new developments are derived from immunotherapy. The use of immunotherapy instead of, or in combination with, the ‘old-fashioned’ treatments is increasing fast. Therefore, the latest and most interesting aspects of these developments will be discussed at this symposium.

With this theme, we hope to show the students, alumni, teachers and other interested participants how many new discoveries in this research area are being done. Moreover, we want to show the possibilities within the field of immunotherapy by showing several different techniques. This way, the participants can learn a lot about a very new and upcoming field that may be the future in medicine and Life Sciences.

This day contains out of ten lectures of researchers from all over the world, including Kees Melief (LUMC) who will speak about the immunotherapy of cancer caused by human papilloma virus. Sander van Kasteren (LIC) will talk about Imaging degradation. Frits Koning (LUMC) is our last speaker from Leiden, he will speak about the immunotherapy and technics that are being used in his research to gut-related diseases.

Other speaker are Prof. J. Heath from CalTech (California, USA), who will speak about a molecular view of cancer immunotherapy, Prof. T. Schumacher (NKI, Amsterdam) who will speak about T-cell recognition of human cancer, Dr. S. Acton from University College London (London, UK) who will speak about the cell communication controlling immunity concerning the lymph nodes and many others.

The complete programme, ticket prizes and other information can be found on our website. As it is an open event, everyone who is interested in immunotherapy is welcome.

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