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Has the New Cold War started?

dinsdag 22 mei 2018
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA Den Haag
Living Lab

German ambassador Dirk Brengelmann and prof. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer will present their views on the question 'Has the New Cold War started?' and will answer and discuss questions from students concerning this topic.

The reshaping of the world order has been well underway, but its destination is not clear. We observe the change, among others, reshuffle and new power balances in US (Trump, protectionism), UK (Brexit), China (Xi life long presidency), North and South Korea and the Middle East (Syrian war, Turley/Erdogan, Iran nuclear deal).
A couple of important questions arise when the reshuffling in the world order comes to a rest:
- Will it deliver a long-term equilibrium between the powers on the world stage?
- Will this equilibrium be one that produces a New Cold War, the previous long-term power equilibrium between the great powers?
- Will the new players of this new cold war still involve only US and Russia, or is China the new (third) pole?
- And: what will be the role of the EU (particular attention to leadership of Germany and France) and the Western aliance NATO?

The masterclass is organised for master students of the masters CSM, MIRD and MPA,  phd’s and LUC students. To get the maximum out of the masterclass there will be no more than 50 students accepted to the class. The masterclass will take place in the Living Lab, schouwburgstraat from 3-5pm with drinks afterwards. Make sure you register!


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