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This Week’s Discoveries | 17 April 2018

dinsdag 17 april 2018
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
De Sitterzaal

First Lecture

New metabolomics technologies for assaying small-volume biological samples

Rawi Ramautar (Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research)
Rawi Ramautar is an assistant professor/principal investigator (tenured) at the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research. His group is developing microscale analytical techniques and workflows for volume-restricted biomedical problems. In 2013 and 2017, Rawi Ramautar received the Veni and Vidi personal grants, respectively, from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

The analytical toolbox used in present-day metabolomics encounters difficulties for the analysis of limited amounts of samples. As a result, a significant number of crucial biological/clinical questions cannot be addressed by the current metabolomics approach. Here, the performance of a new microscale analytical platform is demonstrated for the profiling of polar and charged metabolites in small-volume biological samples, such as cerebrospinal fluid of mice and microscale cell cultures. Overall, the proposed approach for biochemical profiling will allow important metabolomics studies that have so far been lacking and it will open ways for a deeper understanding of biological processes in sample-limited cases.

Second Lecture

iGEM Leiden 2018 project reveal

Team iGEM (IBL)

Also this year a team of 13 Leiden students is taking part in the annual iGEM competition, an annual worldwide student contest in the field of synthetic biology. This year, they are up against 312 competing teams. The teams use genetic modification techniques to resolve societal problems. In this talk the Leiden team will present their project for this year’s competition.

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