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Joan van der Waals colloquium

  • Mete Atature (University of Cambridge)
vrijdag 23 maart 2018
Borrel na afloop.
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
De Sitterzaal

Solid-State Spin-Photon Interfaces: Old Friends & New

Optically active spins confined in solids, such as semiconductors or diamond, are exciting physical systems as quantum-bit candidates for quantum science and its applications. Their inherently mesoscopic nature leads to a multitude of dynamics within the solid state environment of spins, charges, vibrations and light. Implementing a high level of control on these constituents and their interactions with each other creates exciting opportunities for realizing stationary and flying qubits within the context of spin-based quantum information science. Quantum optics, developed originally for atomic systems, provides a valuable toolbox for this endeavour. In this talk, I will provide a snapshot of the progress and challenges for quantum light sources, spin-photon interfaces and optical interconnection of distant spins, both in semiconductors and diamonds, as well as first steps involving atomically thin layered materials.


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