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This Week’s Discoveries CO₂ special | 27 February 2018

  • Frans W. Saris
  • Joris Berkhout
dinsdag 27 februari 2018
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
De Sitterzaal

First Lecture

Darwin’s combination lock

Frans W. Saris Frans Saris (1942) started out as a physicist and then became a manager at Amolf, UU, ECN and UL. As a science writer his columns and essays appeared in NRC, Volkskrant, De Gids and De Nederlandse Boekengids. This week his new book, Darwin’s cijferslot, onze eigen draai aan de evolutie, is published by Prometheus. (www.franswsaris.nl)


Despite world wars, genocides, epidemics and natural disasters world population has quadrupled, our life expectancy doubled and we live a more comfortable life than ever. Thanks to our memes, the genes of our bio-cultural evolution, we dominate planet Earth. In Darwins cijferslot, a collection of my recent essays, I present not only my view on our most urgent problems: energy and climate, bio-diversity and food, peace and security; but also solutions. In this short talk I will focus on CO2 recycling and its role in a sustainable energy supply for everyone.

Second Lecture

The energy transition: a system perspective

Joris Berkhout Joris Berkhout (1983) is partner at Quintel Intelligence. He received his MSc and PhD in Physics from Leiden University and was assessor of the Faculty Board in the academic year 2005-2006. Together with his colleagues at Quintel Joris focusses on accelerating the energy transition by providing a holistic perspective on the energy system of countries, provinces and municipalities through the online, free to use and open source Energy Transition Model.

Climate change, energy security, earthquakes, air pollution, food and water shortages: many challenges we face today relate to the way we have designed our energy system. It is obvious that the components of the energy system have to be replaced or altered to overcome these challenges. In order to arrive at a new energy system, the relation between the different components has to be taken into account as well. With the Energy Transition Model, an online tool that provides a holistic view on the energy system, we hope to do exactly that. In my talk I will focus on our recent insights with respect to the energy-intensive industries in the Netherlands and the aviation industry.

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