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Visitor Experiences in Astronomy Learning Spaces

woensdag 27 september 2017 - vrijdag 29 september 2017
Old Observatory
Sterrenwachtlaan 11
2311 GW Leiden

Public spaces, like visitors centres or museums, often are the interface between cutting-edge research and technology and the public and local communities. They provide interaction between astronomy research and the public. A current challenge of these learning spaces is how they showcase modern astronomy in physical spaces when astronomy observations are becoming more automated, remote and distributed. This small workshop will explore the different aspects of a visitor experience in science learning spaces, like Astronomy Museums, Planetariums, Visitor Centres & Public Observatories. This symposium is a follow-up of the NAOJ Museum Symposium held in Tokyo, Japan in 2015.


  • Best practices in informal learning spaces for astronomy
  • Science communication and informal learning methods in astronomy visitor spaces.
  • Challenges regarding establishing and managing Astronomy Museums, Planetariums, Visitor Centres & Public Observatories.
  • Development and Implementation of Public Programmes, Activities and Volunteer programmes.
  • Strategic planning, funding, fund-raising, pricing, and marketing issues.
  • Role of special programs, special exhibits, and special events.
  • The role of learning spaces in the local communities.
  • Career development of staff and volunteers.
  • The role of research astronomers (from students to faculty) and amateur astronomers.
  • Opportunities for future international cooperation.

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