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This Week’s Discoveries | 13 June 2017

13 juni 2017
Oort Building
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
De Sitterzaal

First lecture

How sustainable is hydropower? Water and carbon footprint assessment

Laura Scherer (CML) is an assistant professor in CML’s Industrial Ecology department since 2017. She is interested in research in the fields of regionalized life cycle assessment, water resources, and biodiversity conservation. She is a member of the WULCA EQ working group (Water Use in LCA – Ecosystem Quality), a UNEP/SETAC life cycle initiative. In addition, she teaches in the Master’s programme Industrial Ecology.

Second lecture

Population consequences of seismic survey sounds on fish

Hans Slabbekoorn (IBL) is associate professor of behavioral biology at IBL. He is principal investigator of the collaborative PCAD4Cod-project on the effect of sound on fish populations. Phase I (a theoretical study) started in October 2015. Phase II started April 1, this year, with a financial investment by The Joint Industry Programme on E&P Sound and Marine Life of €. 2.000.000 for the coming two years.

More information on PCAD4Cod

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