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Leiden Summer School: Migration Memory Under Construction

dinsdag 13 juni 2017 - vrijdag 16 juni 2017
Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 2
2311 BZ Leiden

You are kindly invited to take part in the Leiden Summer School Migration Memory Under Construction 13-16 June 2017, Leiden (the Netherlands). The Summer School is open to all ResMa students (of all research schools) and to PhD students.

This Summer School deals with how migration is remembered. Remembering and disrembering are conscious activities, springing from social debates and political decisions. Debates about remembering aspects of migration history, and the construction of a collective heritage (in school books, in museums, as part of a curriculum) are frequently very emotional. Claim-makers lobby for the right of ‘their’ group to be remembered, and to make (rather ambiguously) ‘our’ history part of ‘your’ history. Women, workers, homosexuals and ethnic minorities have over time claimed their place in history, and have (successfully) argued for a rewrite of the historical narrative. Authorities generally accept the emancipatory aspect of collective heritage for migrants and ethnic minorities. Denial of certain parts of history is punishable in some countries.

This Summer School deals with two subjects: 1. the representation in museums of (elements of) migration/minority history, the choices that are made and how they are justified, and the societal debates regarding the need for remembrance. 2. Academic debates about migration history and heritage culture: can history ever be inclusive? When and why do ideas about remembering migration change?

If you are Research Master History student (regardless of your specialisation and the University you study at) you can participate in this Summer School for 5 ects.

Meet the experts in this field, build a network

Migration Memory Under Construction is a combination of an International Conference and a Summer School. It is organised by prof. dr. Leo Lucassen (IISH/Leiden University), dr. Irial Glynn (Leiden University/research leader Posthumus research group Social History of Communities) and prof. dr. Marlou Schrover (Leiden University).

Programme details

In preparation to the Summer School Res MA students will read articles, they have to attend all meetings, play an active role as commentators, comment on presentations of fellow students and give a presentation at the end of the Summer School. Papers are to be 5000 words, and are based on the literature and the presentations. Papers are to be submitted before June 30th. There will be an excursion on the 16th of June to the Red Star Line in Antwerp. We will travel by train: leave in the morning, back in the late afternoon.

For more information you can contact Marlou Schrover.

Registration via Huizinga Instituut.

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