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Open Lecture Iconoscape: Method, Madness, and Montage

  • Prof. W.J.T. Mitchell
vrijdag 27 januari 2017
Images not only exist within environments such as museums, books, monitors, and commercial displays. They also become environments in their own right, forming a spectacular surround of pictures, texts, and screens that constitutes a world of image operations, a kind of "iconoscape" in which many images may be viewed simultaneously. As "working environments" they range from Aby Warburg’s Bilderatlas to Andre Malraux’s Musee Imaginaire to military situation rooms and forensic wall displays in police and spy dramas. Verging on a kind of iconomania, the "wall of images" is a form of method-driven montage that flirts with madness. Examples from art history, cinema, and forensic science will be discussed. Prof. W.J.T. Mitchell is Professor of English and Art History at the University of Chicago. His books include the influential works Iconology (Chicago, 1986), Picture Theory (Chicago, 1994), Landscape and Power (Chicago,1994) and What Do Pictures Want ? (Chicago, 2005).


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