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The Question of Amnesty: The Difficult Process of Agreeing on Peace in Colombia

  • Floor Boon (political editor NRC), Prof Kees Konings (CEDLA/UvA), Hanna Bosdriesz (Grotius Center)
donderdag 17 november 2016
The Colombian peace process was expected to bring about the end of one of the longest-running contemporary conflicts in the world. Instead it was rejected at the ballot box by Colombians angry at its provision for amnesty for FARC combatants. This ‘dilemma’ of peace vs. justice confronts post-conflict societies generally; understanding how Colombia is wrestled with this dilemma can give us an insight into the law and politics involved in negotiating peace. CHIRRS (Contemporary History and International Relations Research Seminar) invites all those interested in understanding the Colombian events, and peace processes in international politics generally, to come along on Thursday November 17 where our speakers will bring a range of perspectives to bear on the question of peace vs justice.


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