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Symposium Ethics & Moral Hazard in the Banking Union

  • Frank Elderson (De Nederlandsche Bank)
  • Petra van Hoeken (Rabobank)
  • Gijsbert ter Kuile (Europese Centrale Bank)
  • Jan Reinder de Carpentier (Single Resolution Board)
  • Karl-Philipp Wojcik (Europese Commissie)
  • Matthias Haentjens
donderdag 10 november 2016
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden

Ethics and Moral Hazard in the Banking Union

The European resolution mechanism and the possible European deposit insurance scheme aim to create strong safety nets for the Eurozone financial system. At the same time – and perhaps paradoxically – it may be argued that these safety nets lead to greater risk taking, and thus to greater instability. Various parties, such as bank managers, shareholders, depositors and financial counterparties might put their trust in member states bailing them out. What’s more, member states might think that Europe will bail out their national banking systems. In this symposium, we will look more closely at these issues.

Issues to be covered are, inter alia: can we prevent unacceptable risk taking by bank management? Would the Resolution Fund and asset management resolution tool be incentives for higher risk taking by bank management? Have depositors and financial counterparties become less risk averse knowing there are two emergency funds? Does the banking union increase moral hazard of member states?

The Netherlands is a frontrunner regarding integrity and ethics in the financial sector, and this symposium will bring you the leading experts in this field, including:

Mr. Frank Elderson (Dutch Central Bank)
Ms. Petra van Hoeken (Rabobank)
Mr. Jan Reinder de Carpentier (Single Resolution Board)
Mr. Karl-Philipp Wojcik (European Commission)

The event will be chaired by prof. dr. Matthias Haentjens (Leiden University) and dr. Gijsbert ter Kuile (European Central Bank)


The location for this afternoon symposium will be the historic Academy Building in Leiden, the Netherlands. The Academy Building is within an easy 40min. reach from Schiphol Airport, The Hague and Amsterdam. It is located at Rapenburg 73, Leiden.

Conference fee EUR 150 | Discount rate EUR 120 (full-time academics and students)

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This symposium is organized by the Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law with support of EURO-CEFG.

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