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PLACEBO - Film screening and conversation with director Abhay Kumar

woensdag 23 november 2016

Documentary. India/Finland 2014

In one of the toughest medical schools in the world - where applicants have a chance of less than 0.1 percent of getting accepted - a film maker goes undercover to investigate the rising incidents of violence amongst some of the best minds of India. Four students agree to be filmed for a year as part of this observational experiment. Through their personal journeys within these celebrated 'hallways of excellence' we enter a world of ambition and competition, where only the toughest can survive. Those who pass through must battle monsters and inner demons.

Placebo is an ambitious documentary by independent filmmaker Abhay Kumar, a three-time winner at MAMI (Mumbai Film Festival) for his short films (2009-2011). His short film 'Just that sort of a day' won the 59th National Award 2012 in India for Best Narration. Through PLACEBO, he hopes to engage the audience in a conversation about academic pressure, as well as ragging, isolation and mental illness amongst students.

The International Institute for Asian Studies and Studium Generale proudly present the first Leiden screening of Placebo, followed by a conversation with director Abhay Kumar.


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