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LIBC Sylvius Lecture - Affective perception and the body

  • Professor Beatrice de Gelder, Brain and Emotion Laboratory Maastricht University
donderdag 29 september 2016
room SA41
Communication with conspecifics is a central requirement in complex environments. Faces and whole bodies are the most frequently encountered and most salient information signals. While research on facial communication has a long history investigations of whole body signaling have only just started. In this talk we review this field and focus on some main issues. First, to what extend does signaling of fear and anger with the face and the whole body rely on similar affective structures or category specific resources and what are the distinctive functions of each. Second, what is the relative temporal dynamics of affective and category specific information, do we first process the expression and then the category and exemplar identity or, the other way round as is the standard assumption? Next, is there parallel processing for conscious and non consciously perceived face and body signals and what can we learn from patients with focal brain damage.. - Read more on our website..


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