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This Week’s Discoveries | 31 May 2016

dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Preparing MFDEs for the Modelling World

The abstract world of calculus with its continuous space-time variables frequently clashes with the real world, where discreteness in some shape or form can play an important role. In this talk we explain how differential equations with both advances and delays (MFDEs) can help when modelling such systems.

About Hermen Jan Hupkes

Hermen Jan Hupkes is an assistant professor in applied mathematics at the Mathematical Institute. Motivated by the study of physical structures such as crystals, grids of neurons and population patches, an increasing interest has arisen in mathematical modelling techniques that reflect the underlying spatial discreteness.

His main research goal is to develop tools that can be used to characterize the differences and similarities between such discrete models and their more traditional continuous counterparts. Although most of his work is analytical, he has also worked on numerical algorithms to help visualize the theoretical concepts. Some of his results also turned out to be applicable in the seemingly unrelated area of economic modelling. As a consequence, his interests have also extended to this field. Hermen Jan was awarded a VIDI grant by NWO this month.

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