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Student focus group - Disabilities (both physical and psychological)

dinsdag 29 maart 2016
Student focus groups
Plexus Student Centre
Kaiserstraat 25
2311 GN Leiden

Do you want to share your opinion about Leiden University? Do you want to share your ideas on how things can be improved? If you would like to participate, please register for one of the student focus groups! Everybody is welcome, you do not necessarily have to belong to one of the groups. You can participate anonymously and the results of the meeting will be used as input for improving (diversity) policy at our university. 

Where to apply

You can apply by emailing to diversiteitleidenuniv@gmail.com. Please indicate in the subject box which of the focus groups you would like to attend. If you would like to participate but are not able to make it on this date, please email anyway! We will keep you updated on future focus groups.

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